Housing market in Marysville, WA

Today we all know that after the crash in the market things are starting to pick back up. For those of you looking to buy your next home in Marysville, WA … I would recommend getting a head start before homes go up and out of your budget. The average time for a home to stay on the market in the Marysville/ Lake Stevens area is about 69 days. That is not very long compared to other towns nearby. The average cost per square foot its around $120 dollars depending on where the home is located and of course its surroundings. But in general Homes in this area have started disappearing off the market quickly. Although the cost of the homes being sold have gone down ever so slightly the quantity of homes being sold has gone up from July to August. 

Before you dive in and start looking for your next dream home there are some things you should get done to prepare yourself and make the whole experience easier on you and everyone involved. 

  1. Clean up your credit. Check your credit score!! I don’t know how many people out there have a mistake on their credit report and its a simple fix to beef up your credit when looking to make a large purchase such as a new home. 
  2. Choose your real estate agent wisely. Don’t just attach yourself to the first person you see listed with an add for a home you might like. Do some research on the company and on the agent you are looking at. This person is the one that will be showing you many different homes and spending a lot of time with. Make sure you can effectively communicate with your agent as you want to get everything you want with no mistakes. 
  3. Figure out your budget. Don’t guesstimate. Buying a home is no small feat. You need to make sure you have enough funds coming in every month to support your mortgage, electricity, food, water, etc. Also keep in mind that if you are moving from a small apartment into a large 5 br home your electricity bill will most likely go up due to heating/ air conditioning a much larger space than you are used to.
  4. Get Pre-approved, not Pre-qualified. Being pre-qualified doesn’t mean that you have secured financing. Get pre-approved for a loan you know you can afford and it will help you narrow your search for a home you love. 
  5. Be Flexible. I know that you want your home to be the perfect size with the perfect colors and in the perfect school district facing the rising sun… but be realistic. There are certain things you know you can live without and certain things you know you won’t budge on, and other things about homes that you can change at a later date. Figure out what they are so you can spend the time with your agent looking at homes you want instead of wasting your time and theirs. 

Hopefully this can give you a little bit of a head start and a leg up on other home buyers. Hopefully you won’t be searching long. 🙂 

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