Block Party before the Summer is gone!

I’ve always wanted to throw a great block party. The kind you see in the movies where all your neighbors come over and mingle while someone BBQ’s and kids run around playing in sprinklers and such. So I went looking for some good ideas to make a neighborhood block party a really big hit. A few of the things I found. 

1. Photobooth- Make one with some plywood, curtain, stool and lots of polaroid film… or apparently you can rent one. 

2. Live music – research some local bands and ask them to play a gig for the neighborhood. Its good for them to get their name out there and you get some free/cheap entertainment. 

3. Put on a Movie Night – after the sun goes down pull out the projector and put on a movie in someones lawn! 

4. Games – Come up with some awesome games. There are the usual party games that everyone plays but perhaps get a little more creative. Pull out your old Nintendo or play some Dance Dance Revolution with the kids. Show the kids how to bob for apples while they show you a thing or two on wii bowling. 

Along with all of those ideas make sure to have enough food for everyone. Traditional pig pit roast perhaps?? Lots of snacks. Invite people to share their wares…lemonade stand, knitting, girl scout cookies etc. 

I want to plan one of these myself… It shall be epic. 

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