Keeping in Theme with Spooky October

What gives you the frights? The Heebiejeebies? Makes your skin crawl!? 

Snakes…. thats it for me, and spiders of course. If thats you too and you’re looking to get a fright or even take out a date that you want to cling to your arm a tad tighter… Perhaps you should check out the Serpentarium. Its located 1 mile east of Monroe on highway 2.

This place has the most comprehensive assortment of reptiles on the west cost. It has many different reptiles that you will not be able to see in a normal zoo. They are open every day from 10am to 6pm. Cost is only $6 for adults!… Now thats a deal.

p.s. they also just got in a 2 headed turtle! I have to see this…

The Reptileman at The Serpentarium

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