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From Billede:Vitis-vinifera.JPG. Author and credit: Sten. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Wineries and Breweries….


That’s right. Drinking. Seems like something a newly 21-year-old would say right? Well this “drinking” is a bit more sophisticated.


Did you know that Washington State ranks second only to California in the production of Vitis vinifera grapes, for the production of premium table wines in the United States.  There are over 500 wineries and it really helps to boost the economy of Washington State as well.


There are over 75 different micro breweries and 350 different beers being produced in Washington State.


Learn, take tours, and taste.


Camano Cellars


Dudindil Winery


Furion Cellars 


SoJen Cellars 


Port Gardner Bay Winery


Quilceda Creek Vintners 


Saintpaulia Vintners 


Willis Hall Winery 


Arista Wine Cellars 


Just to name a few…. ENJOY!




After you learn a bit about the wines you have ingested perhaps you could host a wine tasting party yourself. Do it blindfolded! Have some guessing games. Try and have your friends or even significant other try to map out where the wine came from… Difficult, but fun times!


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