Having a Halloween Party??


Every year as it gets closer to the end of October I always want to throw a huge Halloween Party… but then never get around to it. This has lead me to collect tons of ideas and recipes for this creepy holiday, for little ones or for adults.

First thing about parties… especially a Halloween Party… is the decoration. YOU need to be the one that sets the mood of whatever place your guests will be coming into. If you are going for classical scary… Go to your local halloween superstore (they pop up all over in September) Get one theme that you like, Zombies, pirates, ninjas, creepy old graveyard… Whatever it is pick one and stick to it. If you want to just have it be a super cheesy decorative party… then go wild and get one of everything.

Food. This is the part that will keep everyone talking. There are always tons of recipes for creepy little desserts this time of year. A few of which I thought were very nice.

Check out the Food Network Website for holiday treats. I have found some really good ones that are adorable, classic, creative, and pretty easy to make. like Blueberry Rickety Eyeball Punch.

Costumes!! This is a must have at any halloween party. Make sure to have a few simple costumes on hand just in case you have a party pooper show up un-costumed. The more you go all out with your costume the more it will make people talk. Its hard coming up with a clever costume though. I always like to search the internet for some good ideas that you could possibly build off of.

If it is an adult party there is always the option of drinks. Again the Food Network has some awesome recipes. But you can always come up with your own. If its a kids party make sure to have some games they can play… These will also come in handy at your adult party if you are serving drinks. People in silly costumes doing silly childish things is always sure to be a good time. Pick things like bobbing for apples, or the doughnut race (this is a game I remember playing at a halloween party when I was a kid) … The doughnut race is when you hang a powdered doughnut from a string from the ceiling and there are teams of 2 that must eat this hanging doughnut without the use of their hands. Of course the team that finishes first wins a prize of some sort. But only after they take a picture with all the powdered sugar on their faces. 🙂

Make sure everyone has a way to get home safely if need be.

Hope this gives you a few ideas if you are looking to throw a party. Be Safe and Enjoy!

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