Turkey Time

Thanksgiving Turkey

Halloween is only a few days away. That means that the Thanksgiving decorations are already going up in stores, the candy is going on sale, and the magazines with all the amazing pie recipes are showing up at every checkout stand tempting you with their professional looking whipped cream topping and latticed crusts. For those of you who like to do the cooking at home… or if perhaps it is your first Thanksgiving in a new home, here are some great cooking and hosting tips.

  1. Make sure that you can prepare food for everyone that plans on coming. Vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, etc. They will be very appreciative that you thought of them and will probably eat most of whatever you prepared for them.
  2. When picking out your turkey keep in mind how many people are coming to eat at your home. Try to plan out about 1-2 pounds of turkey for each person. You can do less if you plan to also make a ham or other main dish. DON”T FORGET to leave enough time to defrost your turkey!!! The bigger it is the longer it will take. (a few days if in the fridge, up to about 12 hours if submerged in water)
  3. if you plan to eat later in the evening make sure to have plenty of snacks for your guests to munch on so they don’t get grumpy waiting for all that delicious food all day.
  4. First turkey? I recommend a turkey sized oven bag. I used this the first time I made a turkey and it was the easiest thing I had to prepare. Also it was the best, most juicy turkey I have ever eaten in my life!
  5. I always try to get a feel for how many pies/desserts I should make and what kind. Of course this is all up to you. If you want to make just one kind of dessert then do it. Its your Thanksgiving! I like to have an assortment only because I know the people in my family have different favorite pies.
  6. Buy some of those magazines with the good looking pictures on them. Browse through them first to see if there are some recipes you would use. You can find some good stuff in those that are not that hard to master.
  7. If you have any Thanksgiving traditions make sure to incorporate them into the evening. We always snack all day watching football then after dinner we watch “A Christmas Story” and eat pie.
  8. LET OTHERS HELP! if someone offers to help with dishes afterward or help with cooking, let them! I know its hard sometimes but it will ease the tension for those who feel the need to help all the time. You will appreciate it too when it comes time to clean up and put away all those leftovers (yum).
  9. Don’t expect everything to be perfect. It won’t happen. Just remember that it is a day for families to come together and be thankful. If you drop some food or break a glass… its ok!
  10. Its THANKSGIVING. So give thanks to all those that come and for everything that you have 🙂

I hope when the day rolls around everyone is having a nice hot meal and laughing with someone!

Cheers readers!

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