Top 10 Things To Consider Before Buying Your House:

  1. Look through recent newspaper archives: Make sure you’re getting information on what you can’t see
  2. Talk to neighbors: How many people in the neighborhood own their homes? Sometimes it’s hard to tell at first if you’re choosing a neighborhood that’s primarily rental houses.
  3. Get a home inspection: Virtually all houses have defects, according to National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents. Some will be obvious and most will be curable. But knowing what needs fixing can help you negotiate a lower price
  4. Don’t just assume remodeling will be easy:
    If you voice your ideas to the sellers, you may be able to glean valuable insights.
  5. Explore the surrounding area: If you’re not just making a cross-town move, you may not know that only three blocks away, this pretty neighborhood backs up to a dumpy commercial area or a less-than-savory part of town.
  6.  Visit at various times of day: That seemingly quiet residential street may be a noisy, highway-feeder street during morning or evening rush hour
  7. Quiz the sellers: What problems are they aware of that the house had in the past – even if they’ve been fixed?
  8.  Consider the view: Neighborhoods now have teardowns. So look at the two houses on either side of you. If this neighborhood has had some teardowns, one of those houses might be a candidate. And they may build some structure that affects your light or the way your house looks or your view
  9. Ask for utility bills: You may adore the Cape Cod architectural style or the high ceilings and walls of glass in a modern home – but those winter heating and summer cooling bills may push your monthly payments beyond affordable
  10. Pay close attention to taxes: Don’t just ask what the seller’s most recent tax bill was; ask what several recent tax bills have been. In some areas, houses are re-appraised, and taxed at higher rates, frequently.

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