10 Tips for the FInal Walk- Through

1. Start the dishwasher when you first arrive

Make sure all appliances are in working order. If you weren’t already planning on replacing certain appliances — like the dishwasher —  this unexpected cost can be a burden on other planned home projects.

2. Check for leaks

In the kitchen and bathroom, turn on the faucets — both hot and cold — and then look under the sink for any signs of a leak. Repairs due to water damage can be extremely costly, so it’s good to double-check and save yourself from a bigger problem down the road.

3. Flush all the toilets

 By flushing all the toilets in the home, not only are you making sure they function properly, but you might also be able to catch plumbing troubles that could have been hard to spot otherwise.

4. Turn on the shower and open and close tub stopper

 No one likes a weak shower spray, so check the showerhead to make sure there is nothing backing up the water flow. It is also important to check the tub stopper for any noticeable signs of a leak so the tub can properly contain water.

5. Turn on all light switches

 Along with checking the lights to make sure everything is wired correctly, it would also be beneficial to bring a tester with you during your final walk-through to check all electrical plug outlets.

6. Turn on stove, oven, fan and light

 Kitchen appliance repairs can be costly, so it’s best to check that all parts — no matter how small — work properly.

7. Check the refrigerator

 A refrigerator runs day and night. It’s one of the only appliances in the home that is in continual use. If the refrigerator isn’t working properly, you face expensive repair costs and possibly losing a lot of food. Before you find yourself in a melted mess, check to make sure the condenser and evaporator are working properly to keep things cool.

8. Start the washer and dryer

 Sometimes a seller will agree to leave behind the washer and dryer. If that’s the case for you, check to make sure the filter is in good condition, the water heats and cools property, and there are no signs of wear and tear on the appliances.

9. Check the heating and air conditioning

 To avoid one of the most expensive home repairs and to keep you from spending your moving days in uncomfortable conditions, remember to check the outdoor unit and/or furnace for any signs of malfunction.

10. Open and shut garage doors

 Check that the garage doors are working properly by opening and shutting them while overlooking all the major parts for any visible signs of concern. If applicable, this is also a good time to make sure the seller has given you the remote controls so you can test those out as well.

By taking the time to walk through all these things, it will help in the long run save a ton of money!!

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